Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meet Lance

And of course to meet Lance is to meet his owner Stephanie!! I know them from teaching them at Scholars in Collars and now they are doing agility classes with me at my house. They are a great pair!
Lance is a four year old, fearless German Shepherd that is keen to work and has been doing some sort of training with Stephanie since she got him as a puppy. He also enjoys hiking, swimming, learning tricks and playing with his dog friends. He was apparently the lowest drive puppy in his litter (of twelve!) but I certainly can not imagine that!! He wants to work and loudly lets us all know about it when he shows up for class!

Lance is also a blood donor, a "universal" donor. Lance is allergic to cats, but it doesn't stop him from chasing them. He also has other allergies that he receives shots for.

According to Stephanie, Lance has been very trustworthy and quiet, uncrated in the house from a young age. The only thing he will get into is removing (but not breaking) dirty dishes from the sink and "washing" them until they sparkle. He has taught Stephanie to do all the dishes before going to work!

Lance is a fun dog with a very devoted owner that I enjoy teaching. I think he and Stephanie could have a lot of fun on the trial field as well. Hopefully we see them out there soon!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Shout out!

So everyone seems to be a bit shy about telling the world how wonderful their dogs are, so I'm going to start the ball rolling. I normally wouldn't advertise so to speak for a specific breeder, but I have to give a shout out to one whose dog I had the great pleasure of grooming recently. I don't claim to know about the particulars of Scottish Terriers, but I do know a good tempered dog when I meet one, or meet the whole clan! Wow how nice it is to meet a whole group of dogs all with great temperment, and personality!

Iris comes from Mucklewags Scottish Terriers here in Ontario. Big dogs in little dog packages she calls them! All of her dogs are just fantastic!!